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Professional team of “WELLISH” have the injection molding machinethe-system engineering core professional lead technical, we have been developed in 2005 and have been included in the torch program of “saver driven engry-saving injection molding machine”, we independent research output the servo-electric closed loop high precision injection molding machine.


WELLISH company professional team combination of advanced professional technical that has long been engaged Injection molding machine industry more than 30 years, they manufacture “AOTAI” band up-to-date injection molding machine 80-3000Tons clamping product ——dmade in China facing the world, leading market, to continue efforts for national industrial development of the national injection.


The future development of the plastics product is wide, in the regarding competition time, the efficiency and quality of injection molding is the key. The injection molding machine as a working machine tools, to the development that have numerical control efficacy advancement from the function. The traditional open-loop-type machines are not satisfy using request. “WELLISH” create “AOTAI” closed loop/precision injection molding machine that is basis of trusted expertise, The “AOTAI” closed loop/precision injection molding machine with trusted professional strength, value of integration of high performance and high engry-saving technique, in order to create similar products have many advantages of Europe and the United States product processing machine for customer, to realize high precision, high engry-saving, high quality, high of efficiency of products processing.