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Unmanned intelligent of the injection molding machine to put forward higher requirements

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Unmanned intelligent of the injection molding machine to put forward higher requirements

Release date:2019-03-21

In recent years, a set of class providers to build unmanned and intelligent factory, the main production unit of injection molding machine stability improved requirements. The car with the production process of plastic parts in precision manufacturing, precision injection mold processing, precision automation of high-end manufacturing technology development direction.

Injection molding technology innovation  


Injection molding machine selection of excellent plastic parts molding is very important. Early common board type injection molding machine for machine hinge type structure itself (Crankshaft) due to the design, application of technology limited scalability, and there are many deficiencies, resulting in unable to meet the production needs of high precision. High precision board type injection molding machine structure design is just to make up the flaws in three plate injection molding machine, also has the special function of multiple value-added, greatly to meet the demand for its mold injection molding.



The descent from the German YIZUMI DP series injection molding machine as an example, have significant characteristics:

High voltage slow opening function


Plastic product coverage, the complex structure of the mold, three plate injection molding machine or cannot be the smooth open, resulting in product strain and deformation, and two plate injection molding machine using "high voltage slow opening function by big oil cylinder, the template distraction and then quickly moving die cylinder, rapid tooling, realizing die sinking fast and steady, effective guarantee of product quality; in the deep cavity molding, lamp molding, high molding excellent.



Two booster function


For mold exhaust is not smooth problem, molding products need high injecting pressure, resulting in defects of plastic internal force, deformation, dimensional instability, trapped gas burning, atomization surface / air lines etc., HPM injection molding machine's unique "mode-locked secondary booster" function, by twice to establish a lock clamping force can greatly reduce the above product defects. Three plate injection molding machine can not achieve the special function.



Volume modulus, opening stroke, smaller occupied space


Three plate injection molding machine mode switching action is the cylinder hinge type crankshaft drive, cause mould opening stroke, volume modulus have limitations, and two plate injection molding machine directly by the oil cylinder to drive, the maximum opening stroke, the maximum modulus than three trigger the same models compared to 3. The whole occupied space and three machine equivalent models compared to small 1.5 m to 2.5 meters, at the same time, according to customer demand for flexible customized greater opening stroke, Darong modulus of the second board machine.



Multiple sync features optional


According to the needs of tick using synchronous thimble functions, template neutron linkage function, neutron free programming function, synchronous adhesive function, greatly shorten the molding cycle.

From mold service life, the use of raw materials and injection repeatability, special application considerations, it is recommended to use high precision two platen injection molding machine and board type precision injection molding machine high added value has gradually replaced the three plate injection molding machine into the Auto level supporting businesses listed.


Key components assurance


To produce a high level of plastic parts injection molding machine needs to be equipped with imported key parts.


Power system recommended by Germany Rexroth plunger pump, mix in response to high injection servo valve, the biggest advantage is the ability to fast and stable supply of injection pressure and injection speed, enhance injection repeatability and accuracy, reduce the rate of non-performing products, reduce energy consumption. Disadvantage is the high cost of manufacturing, more than 40% of the cost of the servo power system.

Configuration for the high precision plastic components, such as the production of the resin lamp lampshade adopts general for two kinds of PMMA (acrylic) and PC, the resin of screw design, manufacturing process requirements are very high, otherwise it will cause the plastic parts produced black or yellow. The material pipe needs to be made of alloy material, the screw rod is made of alloy and the surface is plated with iron. Set of material tube group in the manufacturing process of attention must not be dead, screw surface smooth degree, cleanliness requirements are high; three pieces (screw head group) and the screw head binding could not be dead; rubber head (head screw) the outer teeth and screw tooth clearance requirements of zero error, if poor fit there will be gas lead to yellow resin; material tube head and flange, shoot mouth contact position close degree is high, can not have faults (dead), feeding tube group once the dead will lead to the products defective.



The rapid development of China's auto industry has led to the development of the auto parts market, the increasing number of enterprises and the enterprises in the interior and exterior trim parts and key auto parts. At the same time, the research of lightweight technology makes the application of composite materials and innovative materials become more and more mature. Automobile manufacturers, parts and components manufacturers of plastic parts manufacturing process, quality requirements of innovation and change.