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APN series

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  • APN400 press machine

  • Category: APN series
  • Release date:2016-04-14
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  • AMT press / international grade

    Standard configuration
    ■VS variable speed motor                                 ■Hydraulic overload protection device

    ■Man machine interface control system           ■Electric sliding block adjusting device

    ■Sliding block and die balancing device             Independent control box mobile operating table

    ■Electronic cam switch                                       3/8 "one loop of air injection device

    ■Operation mode selection / cutting / electricity / Safety - stroke, continuous                  

    ■Digital mode height indicator                         ■Electric grease lubricating device

    ■Preset counter 6 bit                                         ■Power supply socket

    ■Know from error                                              ■Digital mode height indicator


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